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Do sloths have fingers? (Not a post about sloths or fingers.)

I’m aware we all have a soft spot for cuddly, furry animals. Well, supposedly. The internet is awash with cats, after all, and if we didn’t surely that space could be better used (or it could in a world without porn). Even while I type this my own dog, Hahn, is sitting on my bed, like he’s not meant to, with a shoe is his mouth, which he isn’t meant to have, staring at me, and I can’t help but just let him do it. I’m a push over, just because he’s covered in fur and I’m relatively hairless.

But what really gets me right in the cute-receptors are drawings of furry, cuddly animals in space suits.

This one is of a sloth.


In other news, I just printed an early draft of a story I’ve been working on for submission to an anthology (I have all the details written on my hand as a reminder, but I won’t tell you just yet) to get it proof read before I send it off.

I’m just warming my fingers, getting ready to cross them.


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